Reasons To Use Command And Obedience Strategies With Your Dog

When you train your dog, it should be done consistently. You don’t want your dog to learn a trick and then forget it. This will ruin the trick for you and for the dog. Once a trick has been learned, it should be used consistently. There are certain obedience strategies that are going to be very helpful as you help them become much more amenable around the household. The commands that they learned can be quite comprehensive, but that really does depend upon the training and the trainer. Here are some dog obedience strategies that will help your dog learn simple commands, as well as more advanced ones that can help them as they grow older.

Why The Trainer Matters

It may be that your dog doesn’t know a trick every time you train him. That is okay. You are the trainer. You are the one who must stick to a schedule. There are two reasons for this. First, your dog is not a little child. In this case, it is a dog that is learning his place in the household. He is a dog that is not a little child that can play with whatever toys he chooses. Secondly, you are not a small dog with an itch that needs scratching. You need to stick to a schedule. And a schedule is important because your dog is learning his place in the house.

The First Commands They Should Learn

Now, when you train your dog, it should only be with his first command. You want to start with the first command. You want to make certain that he gets that first command over and done with. Once he is done with the first command, you can go back to the next command and so on. Your dog must learn the first command. You are giving him the command to behave. If he doesn’t obey, don’t go back. You don’t want him to learn the command and then be confused about what it means. But, if you are consistent and this routine really works, then you can start playing with him other toys. You can start playing with the other toys. But you want to continue this first command that he must obey.

Consistency Is The Key

You can do this with a consistent routine. You can stick to the command. If he changes, you should change the command to something else. Dogs don’t learn on their own. There are rules that must be followed. They must obey rules. They must know their place in the family. If you follow these rules, you will be able to easily train your dog to become obedient. Dogs need rules. They are animals, which are naturally aggressive. That is normal for a dog to be aggressive. It is his way of defending his turf. It is who he is. If you want a dog to be a loyal friend, you must teach him loyalty.

How To Help Your Dog Become More Obedient

If you are using obedience in your dog, you must give him a positive signal. An example of this positive signal would be he must sit for you when you tell him to sit. When he does, you must give him the command sit. You can use the command sit to get his attention. When he does sit, you should give him lots of praise and other positive signals. If he does sit again, you can give him the command sit again. At this point, you can start playing with him with the other toys. Do this in a calm manner. Dogs have a short attention span. They don’t like to be bored. You can play with him for a while and then stop playing and give him lots of attention. This will show him that he has earned lots of praise. If he does this regularly, then he will know that this is the behavior that gets him lots of attention.

You can use the command sit to get his attention and you can only use the command sit when you want him to do something. You can only use the command sit when he is already listening to you. If he doesn’t listen, you can give him a friendly nudge on the nape of his neck to get him to listen to you.

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Us fund our production and get better access to me at our patreon community link below today is my first time meeting Goldie and my very first training session with her. So I thought it might be a good idea to do some training exercises with her and go over some things that you need to keep in mind with your new dog on their first day first week or first month.

Even the first thing that you’re gonna want to prioritize is getting to know your new puppy. My general goal here is just to see how receptive she is to communicating with me today. I’m using a very high value.

Currencies real meats, remember almost everybody uses pieces that are way too big, so we’re gonna keep them nice and small. I don’t even know if Goldie knows how to sit yet so let’s, see we’ll. Just use that nose in this turkey like magnets to lure her back until that butt just falls into a sit.

Let’s, see almost sit good. You can see how she’s, a little receptive to lure training with young dogs like this. Their focus can be so in and out that you know, even though you’re using something like real Turkey, they may go in and out see right there.

She’s like what, about the other hand, I’m trying to keep her focused on this and don ‘ T worry if your puppy, doesn’t seem to know what you’re, asking of them just yet you’re in the very beginning stages of building your communication, plus you’ve, got all of my videos On YouTube to help you out so don’t, sweat anything sit until her butt just hits the ground, so sit looks really good.

How about look at me? Look at me is a core skill that all dogs need to have cuz. You have to be able to get their attention on you and look at you so that you can guide them. So I’m, going to use the treat hold it up here, so I have eye contact almost yes, even though I kind of had a little eye contact, she was mainly looking at the treat that’s.

Still, okay, we can focus on phasing out the treat in a future lesson. Let me come by and sit and look at me now. Let’s just see if we can get that. Yes, look at me good job. You’re amazing impulse. Control is a huge thing in dog training that’s, where we have to teach our dogs how to override their initial impulses.

For example, if I put a piece of meat right here in front of Goldie – and I say, leave it alone – that’s, not very effective, is it you can’t just do what you want, because you want to all the time What, if that was a squirrel running across the street, but let’s quickly.

Teach you how to leave a piece of meat alone without restraining her or forcing her to leave it alone. In any way, I’m. Gon na teach her to think that’s, why this is a powerful exercise, so I’m gonna close my hand every time she goes for it when she backs off.

I’m going to reveal it and I’m just looking forward to show just a tiny bit of restraint at first right now she’s, just acting impulsively trying to get that tree. That’s. Not what we want yes, good job so right there, she just stopped on her own.

I appreciate that, but still she’s, not leaving that sheet alone. Yet yes right there, I like that she kind of laid off for just of minut second, but let’s, see if we can improve that just a little bit more and every time she goes through the treat I’m just gon Na pull away until she shows some restraint.

So when you see it in your dog’s eyes that they’re, trying make sure you let them know that you appreciate that yes, good girl! Now we’re starting to hit some momentum. I’m, not saying leave it or anything like that.

I’m, just strictly communicating with her visually here now let’s, see if we get her to exhibit 3 seconds of impulse control. Yes, good job, I’ll. Take it for a 1st leave a training session. She’s off to a great start.

Another great way to really increase communication with your dog is to play with them. Some dogs are into some toys more than others, that’s. Why it’s, important to try out a huge variety of different toys to really find out what your dog likes? This is what you want.

If your dog is this intense about a toy, you’ve probably got the right one and it’s really important that you understand that your dog picks their favorite toy. You don’t to do that, but some things you can do to increase the likelihood that your dog is gonna like a toy, is make it really interesting, move it around a little bit.

You want these toys to really retain their potency, so it’s, important not to let your dog have access to it. Unless you’re engaging it. In other words, you want this toy to always be exciting. Every time you bring it out play is important because it accelerates the bond between you and your dog like nothing else can, and it allows you to get to know each other really well and very quickly and that equals faster training.

Success. Keep in mind that, just because your dog loves a toy during one training session, they may lose interest in that the next day or eventually or whatever. So you want to make sure that you have a variety of different toys that you can play with.

Aside from toys being a really great way for you to bond with your dog, they’re, also great for rewards and for just enriching your dog’s life in general. If your dog is a problem, puppy biting as Goldie currently is right now, because she’s, young and teething having the right kind of toys to get their attention on is also crucial and see.

You see what I’m doing here. I’m making the toy interesting. I’m, not just offering the toy saying do something with it think outside the box when it comes to offering toys to your dogs as well. Sometimes traditional dog toys may not interest your particular dog.

One of my favorite dog training hacks, are cat toys and, while you wouldn’t really encourage your dog to play tug-of-war with this. You might be able to encourage them to chase it around getting your dog to chase.

Something is still play, even if it’s, not tug, it helps with their coordination. It’s, fun for them. Look at that. If you’re using a toy like this, you would want to make sure they don’t grab a hold of it and swallow any feathers.

But this is really just to kind of get her engaging with me see how much fun she’s having there right when your dog is having fun with you. They’re, more likely to listen to you. So there’s more to play than might meet the eye.

Of course, a tennis ball is a classic dog toy. This one’s squeezed, so I, like tennis balls at squeaky teaching your puppy. How to come to. You is critical and you can start right away with introducing this general concept, but do you understand that it takes months of training come when called in a variety of different settings before your dog truly understands and generalizes? The skill here’s, a fun little exercise.

We can do to get started. I’ve got a little treat here. This is a dog treat and I’m using a dog treat here because it’s. Easy to toss – and you can by tossing a little treat like that over there and since she knows that treats coming from me, she’s, likely to come back on her own here.

After a couple of attempts to say hey. Can I have another one and I’m gonna give her another one toss the treats there she goes and she’s. Gon na wait pretty naturally come back to me. Come very good.

I’m saying: come as she’s in the process of walking to me just to let her know what she’s doing so that’s, a really great way to introduce this whole concept of come When called to your new puppy teaching your new puppy, how to walk on a leash can be definitely a little problematic at first, because you know puppies don ‘

T really understand why we would attach them to a leash, but it’s. For their safety, so we can keep good control of them, and I’d like to see how Goldie responds to her first leash walking session. We’re already gonna start to combine some of the things that we’ve already gone over in order to keep this really simple.

All I want to do is see if I can get look at me while moving. She looked up at me, so I’m gonna go ahead and reward at this point in her training, almost every time that she looks up at me while moving she’s kind of pulling ahead, but I really want her paying Attention to me: Hey, yes, good girl, very good over here, come on there.

We go up here, so you can see we’re already. Combining things like look at me. Come when called. Can we get a sit? We sure can. So things are really coming together quickly here for one training session.

Now, if your dogs doing this well, don’t get too excited or overconfident, because it’s. A lot easier for dogs to pick up these easy skills like this. In a really distraction-free environment and that’s, really where you want to start with your dog as to not overwhelm them.

The main thing you want is your dog just paying attention to you while moving – and we are certainly accomplishing that here – I’m, rapidly changing directions, trying to be unpredictable little hesitation there, but I just worked with her through it and I’m, resisting the urge to pull her to say, hey come on because that’s, not really gonna teach, her anything long-term or at all.

For that matter, her leash skills are looking fantastic. You’re off to such a good start. Next, you’re. Definitely going to want to be able to get your dog’s. Attention on you, when you ask so for this, you ‘

Ll need a good food reward or play reward. Whatever your dog is responding to and a positive attitude. Most dogs, aren’t going to intuitively understand their name just because you keep saying it to them.

However, most dogs, especially young, curious ones like Goldie, will respond to you, know a high-pitched sound or a kissy noise. Let’s see and she looked up at me. So I’m gonna go ahead and give her a reward, and so every time she responds to any vocalization, I’m making.

I’m gonna go ahead and reward her. Now, after a few times of doing that, you can start to pair that with your dog’s, name Goldie right there good see she was investigating my hand for treats. I made the sound and she looked up at me.

Goldie he’s, job, let’s. Let her forget about the treats for a second Goldie, yes and right there, even though she didn’t respond immediately, I gave it a second. I didn’t, continue to say Goldie Goldie Goldie, because I had a hunch.

She was gonna look up at me, Goldie doing great, so she’s really coming around very quickly. Now, of course, you ‘ Ll need to be ready for house training as well, and house training can be a weeks to months long process.

So don’t underestimate what’s required there, but if you’re really consistent, you start immediately. You can dramatically reduce the time it would otherwise take if you have a new dog, especially a young puppy.

Don’t, put the responsibility on them to let you know when they have to go for now. Just give them ample opportunities to relieve themselves. In acceptable places that way, you can help them develop good habits by preventing bad ones from day.

One real time that we’ve, been focusing on this training session is probably 30 minutes. So far there’s. A lot you can do with your dog right away when you get them, but training is really about repetition and training in a variety of contexts over a period of many months, but this is how you get started.

Obviously there’s, a lot more to training a puppy than what we’ve covered here. But I’m gonna have a link to my playlist on how to teach your puppy or dog the basics and beyond. In order that will also be in the description, don’t forget the set of automatic pet food delivery at Peplow.

Andra codes act 30. When you check out you’ll get $ 10 off your first 3 automatic shipments. We make videos all of the time so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel, so you don’t miss any of them.

Thank you to our patreon supporters and if you want special perks and easy says to me, make sure you join us on patreon. That link will be below click thumbs up for Goldie. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for sure grab a copy of my book as well, and we’ll, see all of you in the next video good girl.

You did great, oh you get so good. Ok,

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